Friday, July 20, 2012

The most frightening thing that's ever been on my bed.

OK.  So.  It's here.

What the SHIT am I supposed to do with it now?!?!

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  1. someone on Sifton AveJuly 31, 2012 at 12:37 AM

    oh dear you started reading and you can't stop
    What no five things?
    No blogs to tag for my friends?
    Do I need to write one for you?
    How about things you would never say about JamieLynn?
    1) she carries her weight well (what weight for &^%'s sake she looks like a supermodel)
    2) she is so crafty makes her own soap and sells crocheted doormats on the side (ya the closest thing she gets to making soap is squishing AJ's slimy bar into the soap dish)
    3)she acts like a natural blonde (are you nuts no way she is the smartest blonde I ever met, no offense to you blondes out there but that girl's really got it goin on
    4) she only drinks out of a red solo cup (go ahead pass her something and see)
    5) she never fails to post on her blog cause she knows her fans are waiting(alright you shaw guy , get that wireless out to the chair out front, rub lotion on her feet while she sips something sweet and keep the kids at bay...I NEED a blog post)