Friday, April 13, 2012

Class dismissed.

So, it's over.

My writing class is done.

I finished my final project and displayed it last night, and now, after 13 weeks, it's over.  And frankly, the professor could fail me and I wouldn't even care - I'm just really, really happy that I did it.  I did it!!  I walked into a 3rd-year University class, for the first time in 13 years, with a bunch of 21-year-olds, and I held my own.  I finished the class pretty proud of what I'd put forth.  And as I was leaving last night's final class, the instructor stopped me and told me that she hopes I continue with writing, because she thinks I am "very good" at it.  Even if I never take another writing course ever in my entire life, and the only thing I ever write again are these blog posts, I will never forget that comment.  She liked what I did.  A published writer thought I was good!

Since last night was the final presentation portion of the class, we were encouraged to bring people along to the class to view everyone's projects.  My kids were pretty excited to see TRU and "go to college", so they (and Shawn) joined me.  The kids were very well-behaved - shockingly so, if I'm being honest!  I expected some fighting, a little yelling, constantly needing to go to the bathroom, whining about wanting to leave, and so on.  But there was none of that.  They were quiet and respectful when a few people got up to read parts of their stories out loud, (which is more than I can say for some of the ADULT students, who spent a lot of time dicking around with their phones and laughing and showing their friends some stupid text or picture or whatever was on it, rather than putting the friggin' things away and giving the reader 5 minutes of their precious time and attention.  Seriously, as much as I love my iPhone, sometimes I want to grab peoples' cel phones out of their hands and stomp on them til they're in pieces and then throw them out the window and drive over them with my minivan.)

Sorry.  Too much??

Anyway, before we went to my class, the kids were packing a bunch of stuff into their backpacks to bring with them to help keep them occupied.  AJ had his red Spiderman backpack filled with pencil crayons and Star Wars coloring pages and a few little Bakugon toys and a Kinder Surprise egg and some gummy fruity snacks and a Five Alive juice box, and he slings it over his shoulder and says to me, in this super cool tone:

"Oh, mom.  People are TOTALLY going to think I go to this school."

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