Friday, April 27, 2012

Five Things Friday.

It's been a great week.  Lots of things, big and little, have happened to make me happy this week.

Which leads me to my latest blogging plan - FIVE THINGS FRIDAY.

Every Friday, I'm going to post a list of five things.  Could be positive, negative, weird, crazy...whatever strikes my fancy.  Just five things.



1. The birth of S and C's son.  Cutest, sweetest, most wonderful little baby ever.  I spent an hour and a half just holding him yesterday.  I cannot wait to spend more time with him.

2. $1 pop is back at McDonald's.  I am ridiculously happy about this.  It starts every April, around this time, and goes all the way until September.  You can get ANY SIZE DRINK from McDonald's for just ONE DOLLAR.  Everything is truly right with the world when I am cruising through the drive-thru, and my friend Val* hands me my daily $1 large diet coke.  It makes me so, so, so, happy. (*At the risk of sounding like I'm nuts, this is the part where I have to admit that Val is not really my friend.  She's an older lady, almost old enough to be my grandma, and she's been working at McD's for, like, ever.  She is always working the drive-thru when I go, and I've always thought of how fun it would be if I could work at McDonald's with Val and we would be great buddies and we'd laugh at all the young whippersnappers who work there while chatting about the good ol' days.)

3. I got an A in my writing class.  A frickin' A!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4. My kids are just the best (well, except for the fact that AJ lost his Wii privileges for the weekend thanks to the fact that I am pretty sure he is physically incapable of listening to a word I say...but BESIDES that...they rock pretty hard!)  AJ scored another soccer goal; Mackenzie is kicking ass at the piano piece she's working on for her recital; and after school on Wednesday, we got rubber gloves and a garbage bag from the office and picked up all the garbage on the hill beside the school field - and not a complaint out of either of them.  They did this task with great pride, which made Momma very proud!

5. I've been in one of my famous eat-everything-in-sight moods since Tuesday, and guess how much weight I've gained?  NOTHING.  Not a damn pound.  I think I'll have hot dogs, nachos, fries and beer for supper tonight!!

So yeah.  This week?  Awesome.

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