Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Oh, Baby.

Our great friends S and C had their first baby late last night.

(Well, let's be honest, S didn't do much.  C actually did all the work.  But anyway.)

We knew she went in to labour late Sunday night.  We knew she was still labouring first thing Monday morning, and still early Monday afternoon.  I tried my hardest not to bother them with texts, but all day, I was dying to hear what was going on.  DYING TO.  And even though I knew I should leave them alone, let them do this without my constant texting, I just couldn't help but sneak a few messages here and there... "hope everything's going well!  Thinking of you!" etc.  (And frankly, now that I think about it, with the anticipation I was feeling yesterday, it's kind of a miracle that I didn't, like, fake an injury or something, just to be able to go to the hospital to see them.  "Oh, hey, guys, what's up?  Fancy meeting you here...I had NO IDEA you'd be here!  I just, uh, sprained my...wrist?  I, uh, fell out of, um, a...tree...?  But never mind that!  How are YOU??")  At 11:14 last night, just before we went to bed, I sent one final text: "It's late, hope things are going well, hopefully we'll chat tomorrow."  I woke up shortly after 6 to the news that he was born at 11:31 Monday night.

I cried. He's absolutely perfect and beautiful.

Now, I am dying to go see them.  I want to meet the baby, hold him, to see S and C and hug them and talk to them and hear how everything went down, to see them as parents for the very first time.  And because they aren't quite ready for visitors yet, I have to wait.  Which is kind of killing me.  That fake injury idea just to get me to the hospital is now super tempting.  It is hard to describe what I'm feeling, but it's sort of a mixture of anxiety and anticipation...and I am just not sure what to do with myself!  My house needs vacuuming, don't even get me started on how filthy my windows are, and I have a book I want to finish; but so far today I've accomplished none of those things.  I've been puttering around the house, eating my feelings, wandering aimlessly, and generally feeling...just...weird!!  She had the baby...I didn't...so what the hell is going on?

I guess it's just the excitement of a friend I've known for more than 20 years, becoming a mommy for the very first time, and the anticipation of meeting their beautiful baby boy.

Congratulations, S and C, and welcome, Baby.  We love you!

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