Saturday, April 7, 2012

Stinky and dumb.

Saturday mornings, the kids have swimming lessons at 9:30 - which is SO friggin' early - they like to sleep in and I usually end up having to haul them out of bed and shove their breakfast down their throats so we can get there on time.  This morning was no different; I'm running around trying to feed people and find towels and the swim bag and making sure they remember to pack their underwear and that Mackenzie has BOTH pieces of her bathing suit on, etc etc etc...all the while, the kids are talking nonstop, and as we're getting into the van, AJ was blabbing on and on about dinosaurs.  I was sort of listening, but really not - you know how it goes, you're busy and trying to remember if you've got everything, and your kids are yapping and they're talking over each other and you kind of go, "oh, yeah, uh-huh, sure..."  Anyway, at one point AJ says, "you know mom, the dinosaurs really stinked."

This caught my attention because a) his speech is very good, and he doesn't use words like "stinked"; and b) um, what???  Which is, incidentally, what I said out loud.

"Sorry, they WHAT?"

AJ: "They stinked."

Mom: "I don't understand, why do you say that?  I mean I guess they probably did stink, they were big and ugly and, you know, I don't think they had like soap or shampoo or anything..."

AJ: "Yep.  They sure STINKED!"

Insert Mackenzie now, with a giant roll of her eyes: ""Oh, AJ.  You mean they are EXTINCT."

Ah.  Well, that makes a lot more sense!!


On the way home from swimming lessons today, we had the pleasure of following some old guy in a Ford Focus who couldn't drive to save his life.  I was getting a little (OK, a lot) frustrated.

AJ: "Why are you getting mad, Mom?  Is that guy a bad driver?"

Me: "YES!  Yes, he is a terrible driver."

AJ: "But he doesn't have an "N", so he isn't a new driver."

Me: "No, he's definitely not a new driver, I just think he's not a very smart driver."

AJ: "Well, if they need to have an "N" for a new driver, I think they should need to have a "D" for a dum-dum driver!"

An excellent suggestion, I thought!!

(Oh, and also, I clearly need to start being nicer to new drivers.)

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